Frequently Asked Questions

ISO Services

1. What type of equipment can you handle?

Boasso Global is mainly a service provider for 20' liquid and gas ISO tanks, as well as chassis. However, please contact us with any specialty needs and we can work with you to see if we can assist.

2. Where can you transport to?

Boasso Global services all 48 contiguous US states and Canada. We do not transport into Mexico, however, Boasso Global can work with transportation partners on lanes across the border.

3. Can you transport hazardous cargo? Overweight shipments?

Yes, we can handle hazardous cargo. We can transport overweight loads where permitted by state authorities. Due to the cost of permits, additional charges will apply to overweight shipments.

4. Are your facilities Bonded Warehouses? Are you a Bonded Carrier?

Boasso Global facilities are not bonded warehouses, but we are a bonded carrier.

5. What ports and rails do you service?

Boasso Global services all local ports and rails in the cities where we have a terminal location. Currently, Boasso Global has depot rail locations in North America. Additional depots are available in the U.K., and throughout Continental Europe.

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