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Our ISO Container Services

Boasso Global is focused on providing customers all the services they require in servicing their ISO containers.  We pride ourselves on having state-of-the-art depots outfitted with the latest technologies to provide the first-class services our customers deserve.


ISO Tank Cleaning Service

We offer unparalleled ISO container cleaning services to our customers.

We also take the consider the effect on the environment seriously, because of that we have made significant investments in our specialty cleaning equipment to control vapor release and treatment of the effluent generated by the cleaning process.

ISO Tank Repair Service

We facilitate the timely turn-around and safe keeping of our customer's valuable equipment.

We employ well trained technicians who understand the proper way to safely and effectively service ISO containers.

Whether your container needs to be repaired, tested, refurbished, or modified, we are dedicated to providing you the necessary service.


ISO Heating Service

All of our depots are equipped with multiple bays to provide customers with product heating services.

Our depots ensure products are heated to and maintained at our customer's required temperature.

Container Depots

Boasso Global operates 4 premier depots across continental Europe and has a unique ability to assist with depot services in the United Kingdom and North America.  Our depots are strategically located near major transport hubs allowing for a quick turnaround on your ISO container service needs.

Botlekweg 190
Botlek, Zuid Holland, Netherlands
+31 10 798 72 10

Kamerlingh Onnesweg 23
3316 GK Dordrecht, Netherlands
+31 78 799 81 10
Carretera C-17, Km.17
Parets de Valles, Spain (near Barcelona)
+34 93 548 09 50
CD 412 Z.I. Longpré les Amiens
F- 80082 Amiens, France
+33 36 40 199 10
United Kingdom
6 Full Service Depots

Corporate Office
Limerick Road
Redcar Cleveland TS10 5JU
+44 (0) 1642 488521
North America
11 Full Service Depots

Corporate Office
100 Intermodal Dr.
Chalmette, LA 70043
+1 (800) 323-8487