Continental Europe Depot Locations

Boasso Global provides ISO container services at 4 Depots strategically located throughout Continental Europe. Each European depot location offers a range of ISO Services including tank cleaning, container heating, and tank repair.
Click on a depot location in Continental Europe below to see terminal contact details specific to that depot. Contact a terminal manager for more information on ISO Services available with Boasso Global today!
Depot Information
Contact Information
Location: Amiens, France
Z.I Nord, 31 Rue du Bois Quatorze
80740 Argœuves, France
Phone: +33 36 40 199 10
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Contact Name:
Jeremy Hovette
Location: Botlek, Netherlands
Botlekweg 190
3197 KA
Botlek, Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

Contact Customer Service

Phone: +31 10 798 72 10
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Contact Name:
Willem Boer
Location: Dordrecht, Netherlands

Kamerlingh Onnesweg 23
3316 GK Dordrecht, Netherlands

Phone: +31 78 799 81 10
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Contact Name:
Patrick Kanters
Location: Mutterstadt, Germany
Vorderkehr 14-16
67112 Mutterstadt, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 6234-92660
Location: Parets de Valles, Spain
Carretera C-17, Km.17
Parets de Valles, Spain (near Barcelona)
Phone: +34 93 548 09 50
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Contact Name:
Raquel Agullo