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H. Büteführ Und Sohn Gmbh & Co. KG (Büteführ)

Founded in 1930, Büteführ is a certified and accredited company that has gradually evolved into a group of companies specializing in tank cleaning and storage, tank and superstructure repairs, truck/commercial vehicle repairs, and transportation of liquid chemicals and waste nationally and internationally.

Why Büteführ?

  • Your one-stop shop for truck-related services.
  • Traditional company with many years of experience.
  • Certified waste management company.
  • In-house fleet with special vehicles.
  • Truck and commercial vehicle repairs.
  • Professional tanker interior cleaning.
  • Tank container storage.
  • Highly specialized team.
  • Collect and return service.
  • Breakdown assistance with 24-hour emergency hotline.


Büteführ’s in-house truck wash and tanker interior cleaning facility is certified in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG).
The cleaning facility is linked to a product database of around 11,000 chemicals. This gives us access to comprehensive information about occupational health and safety, as well as relevant cleaning guidelines and codes of conduct for each individual cleaning request.
As a member of the DVTI (Association of German Interior Tank Cleaning Facilities), Büteführ issues a European Cleaning Document (ECD) after every cleaning.  


Büteführ’s grounds are home to a 5,500 m² hall and 10,000 m² storage area for storing and professionally servicing tank containers.

Tank and Superstructure Repairs

Büteführ's team of experts professionally services superstructures, tanks, and containers.
Our team specializes on the following:
  • Aluminum, steel and stainless-steel welding.
  • Running and approving legally mandated checks.
  • Repairing accident, vacuum and corrosion damage.
  • Making modifications in line with specific instructions from the client or the loading industry.
  • Repairs to coated tanks.
  • Renewing or servicing insulation.
  • Installation of pumps and components.

Truck/Commercial Vehicle Repairs

Büteführ's expert team of mechanics carry out repairs, maintenance and servicing of commercial vehicles (transporters, trucks, tankers, trailers and semi-trailers) professionally and reliably, utilizing multi-brand diagnostic systems from other reputable manufacturers, and deploying the original diagnostic systems for the brands VOLVO, MERCEDES, WABCO and KNORR. We also offer a daily 24-hour emergency hotline plus collect and return service.
Our team specializes on the following:
  • Repairs to engines, transmissions, axles and chassis.
  • Repairing damage to bodywork and glass.
  • Servicing tail lifts.
  • Repairs to hydraulics.
  • Installation of pumps and components.
  • Resolving electrical problems.
  • Running mandatory checks required by law.
  • Collect and return service.
  • On-site repairs.
  • Breakdown assistance with 24-hour emergency hotline.

Transport of Chemicals and Waste

Büteführ transports containers across all of Germany and neighboring countries with waste/chemicals in dangerous goods classes 3, 6.1, 8 and 9 throughout the entire European Union. Our fleet includes 20’/30’/40’ chassis as well as 20’/30’ tipper chassis.

Accreditations and Certifications

Büteführ’s numerous certifications and accreditations are proof of our focus and commitment to quality and customer service.
Both the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) and DEKRA have certified Büteführ in various fields (for example, quality and environmental management).

Contact Information

Niederlassung Duisburg

Obere Kaiserswerther Str.64
Uwe Malbrich
Betriebsleitung / Operations Manager
+49 (0)203 / 99 717-23

Andre Kromm
Reinigungsleiter / Cleaning Manager
+49 (0)203/99717-836

Ferhat Özen
Reinigungsleiter / Cleaning Manager
+49 (0)203/99717-736

Niederlassung Duisburg

Am Röhrenwerk 35
Detlef Bergmann
Betriebsleiter / Operations Manager
+49 (0)203 / 99717-341
Kilian Kreppel
Speditionsleiter / Forwarding Manager
+49 (0)203/99717-89
Gudula Haschke
Leitung Containerdepot / Depot Manager
+49 (0)203 / 99 717-76

Niederlassung Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Lokschuppenstraße 1
Daniel Eschbach
Speditionsleiter / Forwarding Manager
+49 (0)3494/6996-552

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