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Kobler Transport and Tanker Cleaning

Our strategically located depot in Mutterstadt, Germany, enables us to provide a "one stop shop" service to the tank container industry. Located close to transport hubs in an industrial and commercial area allows for a quick turnaround of vehicles and ensuring customer requirements can be serviced at short notice.


We have been safely transporting products for more than 30 years.  With a fleet of nearly 50 tractors and 70 chassis we specialize in the transportation of chemicals throughout Germany and Continental Europe.  


Our fully equipped workshop facilities provide a comprehensive repair and maintenance service from periodic testing , cosmetic repairs or pre load preparatory work, operating modern handling equipment we can offer tank container lifting and storage.

Cleaning & Heating

Our certified cleaning system works with the latest technology, 90 degree water temperature, high pressure, and we only use the necessary amount of cleaning agent to get tanks back on the road quickly and clean. 

We provide product heating; multiple steaming points supply low, standard and high pressure steam plus warm water heating and electric heating are available.


Our depot management system ensures all services are closely managed, also offering customer access to our system allowing customers to monitor online stock inventories and track work in progress.


We are SQAS., CEFIC, DEKRA, and EFTCO accredited.

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