Boasso Global - Detroit, Michigan

Boasso Global, located in Detroit Michigan is one of our sixteen terminal locations offering ISO container services in the United States.  We strive to provide quality ISO shipping services throughout our network of terminals. Our Detroit terminal is no exception to this standard of service. Our Detroit terminal is conveniently positioned near Zug Island, just down from W. Fort St. just adjacent to the Detroit River. Providing service from all local Detroit rails, including Ferndale.

The ISO services provided at our Detroit terminal include transportation, ISO tank cleaning, equipment & tank repairs, in addition to both empty and loaded temporary storage.

For more information on how Boasso Global can assist you with your ISO container needs, contact our Detroit Terminal Manager today.

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Terminal Details

7650 Melville Street
Detroit, MI 48209
Phone: (313) 841-2927
Fax: (313) 841-3102

Contact Information

Stephen Huesgen
VP, Regional Operations