Linden Bulk Transportation - Cincinnati, OH

Linden Bulk Transportation was established in 1982 and has become one of the largest bulk carriers in the Northeast, providing safe and reliable bulk intermodal, trucking, cleaning, and maintenance services across North America. Our facility in Cincinnati, OH, is strategically located to meet our customers’ needs.

Linden Bulk Transportation offers logistics operations, from the routine to the most complex and challenging, regardless of cargo size, class, or destination. They are all supported with account management that is second to none.

  Value-Added Services:
• Dedicated Drivers
• Large Fleet of Compartmented Trailers
• Temperature Controlled Trailers
• Dedicated / Exclusive Use Trailers
• Trailers for Plant Storage
• Full-Service Intermodal Depot
• Tank Maintenance
• Tank Cleaning
• 24-Hour Dispatch

For more information on how we can assist you contact our Terminal Manager today.

Terminal Details

10671 Evendale Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Phone: (815) 768-3957
Fax: (815) 714-6240

Contact Information

Sean Quaderer
Midwest General Manager
Phone: (815) 768-3957
Fax: (815) 714-6240