Boasso Global UK - ISO Tank Cleaning Services

The European Federation of Tank Cleaning (EFTCO) definition of ‘clean’ is:

“A tank shall be described as clean when there are no visible traces or odour of the last product or cleaning agent following an inspection from the man-lids.”

Our depot network allows us to provide an "All-In-One" service to the tank container industry throughout key locations in the U.K. Our network of depot locations are tactically positioned near crucial motorways. This, combined with quick turnaround of vehicles, and our proximity to commercial and industrial areas throughout the United Kingdom assures customer requirements can be serviced in a moment's notice.


Widespread ISO Tank Cleaning Capabilities

Our cleaning bays are equipped with multiple spinners and enable our 6 locations to perform in excess of 64,000 cleans per annum for an extensive customer base.

Given the increasing demands and responsibilities of environmental issues, Isotank Group has made significant investment into fume scrubbing and specialist cleaning equipment, to control vapour release and treatment of effluent generated by the cleaning process.

Where necessary, excess product may be removed and disposed of prior to specialist man-in-tank cleaning being performed.

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